For Educators

Why is sexuality education important?

Two teenage Aboriginal girls laughing

Teachers and other educators can help young people grow into strong and confident adults. The information in this section is intended to provide educators with information and resources to assist them to deliver age- and culturally-appropriate relationships and sexuality education to young Aboriginal people.

Rates of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) amongst young Aboriginal people are high. Lack of access to accurate information remains a barrier to the practise of safe sex behaviours.

The Western Australian Department of Health considers school-based sexuality and relationships education to be an important public health program.

Successful programs have been found to:

  • increase adolescents' confidence and ability to make informed decisions

  • delay the onset of sexual activity

  • decrease the frequency of sexual intercourse

  • increase the use of contraceptives in adolescents who have decided to be sexually active

  • prevent teenage pregnancy and sexually transmissible infections among young people

  • provide additional opportunities for young people to learn about and discuss relationships and sexual health issues outside their homes.