For Educators

Training and programs

Below are details of sexual health and blood-borne virus educator training and school-based programs provided by a number of different organisations for Western Australian educators.  

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  • Relationships and Sexuality Education workshop (Curtin University)
    • Do you need some ideas on how to implement effective relationships and sexuality education in your classroom or school community?

      Would you like to increase your confidence or skills to teach this challenging subject area?

      Curtin University offers a FREE 2-day workshop to assist educators to plan, implement and assess effective relationships and sexuality education in school settings.  

      Schools will be paid $400 in teacher relief per teacher, per day. Travel expenses can be reimbursed for those travelling to Perth.

      The program is funded by the Sexual Health and Blood-borne Virus Program.

      For information on the next workshop, please visit The RSE project eventbrite page (external site). 


  • Mooditj leader training (Sexual Health Quarters)
    • Mooditj is a program for Aboriginal young people aged 10-14 years delivered by Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ). It helps build strong, young Aboriginal people who can make positive and informed choices about their relationships and sexual health. Mooditj helps young people to learn about identity, feelings, relationships, puberty, sexual health and being a parent, and to identify and work towards goals and dreams.

      Mooditj Leader Training is a fun four-day interactive course that builds knowledge, skills and confidence to run Mooditj groups for young people. Mooditj Leader Training is designed for Aboriginal community members or people who work with Aboriginal young people in their community. It provides leaders with simple tools for talking about complex topics with Aboriginal young people.

      See the Sexual Health Quarters website (external site) for more information.

  • Nuts and Bolts of Sexual Health (Sexual Health Quarters)
    • This three-day course provides a thorough introduction to working in sexual health. It develops the core knowledge, attitudes and skills required to provide information and support for people (especially young people) around respectful relationships and sexual health issues. Nuts and Bolts is relevant for a wide range of people working in the community. It provides a solid foundation for further training in sexual health, including Tools of the Trade.  

      Participants gain skills to:

      • provide information and discuss a range of sexual health topics and issues

      • facilitate informed choices, motivate positive choices and healthy behaviours

      • provide appropriate support and referral for people with sexual health concerns.

      • create a safe space and talk about relationships and sexual health

      See the Sexual Health Quarters website (external site) for more information.

  • Working with Young People (Sexual Health Quarters)
    • Sexual Health Quarters (SHQ) can provide training for those wanting to learn how to speak with young people about sexual health.

      More information is available from: SHQ (external site). 

  • Deadly Sista Girlz Program (Waalitj Foundation)
    • The Deadly Sista Girlz Program aims to build proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls. It is delivered by strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander role models and mentors who offer a stable environment in which they can discuss current and personal issues they may be facing. 

      Each girl has the opportunity to be personally mentored throughout the program and also make positive social interactions with their fellow sistagirls in a fun and caring environment. 

      Deadly Sista Girlz focuses on:

      • building pride in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity

      • having practical cultural contributions in the community

      • having positive social interaction

      • building relationships based on mutual respect

      • encouraging active self-development

      • yarning about sexual and women’s health; drug and alcohol abuse; road safety; healthy nutrition; financial literacy; healthy relationships

      • building self-esteem and confidence.

      The purpose of the Deadly Sista Girlz Program is to use female role models to empower and enable young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls to make informed decisions about their personal health and wellbeing to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle.

      Deadly Sista Girlz Programs are funded in specific school sites.  If you would like to enquire about program costing, individual mentoring or starting up a new Deadly Sista Girlz site please contact

  • Start Talking About Relationships and Sexual Health (Sexual Health Quarters)
    • Start Talking About Relationships and Sexual Health (STARS) is a new two day introductory course to help build knowledge and confidence to Start Talking About Relationships and Sexual health with young Aboriginal people.

      More information is available from: SHQ (external site).