For Parents

Why is it important to yarn with kids?

Young Aboriginal boy with grandparents

As children and young people grow into young adults they can push for independence and spend more time away from the family home; but a parent's job is as important as ever.

A survey of young Australian Aboriginal people (external site)  found that around half had sex before they were 16 years old, which is the youngest age that people are legally allowed to have sex. Research tells us that kids whose parents yarn with them about sex and relationships often have sex at an older age and make safer choices than kids who are left to find out for themselves. 

This website helps parents find the information they need to make it easier to yarn with kids about staying safe, healthy and strong. Topics covered include:

  • being the boss of your body

  • puberty

  • respectful relationships

  • sexually transmissible infections

  • pregnancy 

  • staying safe online.