Kaiyai Girl: An Interactive Film

Kaiyai Girl

Kaiyai Girl resource cover

Kaiyai Girl was developed to tackle the issues of alcohol and other drug use and their impact on safe decision-making. Participants using the resource will develop the knowledge and understanding of these issues and the self-management skills to cope when faced with choices about alcohol and other drug use.

It can be used as a stand alone resource or in groups where discussions can be held about the choices made and the consequences of those choices. The Kaiyai Girl film/DVD and accompanying website is an educational resource to use with young people in early adolescence through to early adulthood (12 to 19 years).

Kaiyai Girl aims to provide opportunities to:

  • increase knowledge of pregnancy, transmission of STIs and possible consequences of risky behaviours involving sex, alcohol and other drugs

  • address myths and fears associated with STIs and pregnancy

  • explore personal values, attitudes and beliefs and understand how these beliefs influence behaviour, judgements and stereotyping

  • challenge values, attitudes and beliefs

  • develop help-seeking knowledge, understanding and skills.